We all have the capacity to heal our own aches and pains. The original Pilates principals when adhered to in our daily life, can really dissipate the aches and pains of the human body. The idea of body awareness, knowing where your body is in space, listening to your body are all simple ways to get your self out of pain. A slight adjustment in posture or pelvis positioning can make all the difference in chronic hip, back and neck pain.
Simple things like learning how to get out of a chair properly, using your Powerhouse (core muscles)

and evenly distributing the work of the muscle through out your body can change and prevent joint pain in the knees, hips and lower back. The idea of efficiency of movement, meaning moving in the most efficient manner, can cut down on injuries and take pain away as well. Learning how to breath and relax into yourself can take muscle tension out of the neck and shoulders. Being body aware while you are driving, texting, working, picking up groceries can actually prevent chronic injury and pain while building your posture the correct way. Remembering that the whole body should be slightly engaged while moving through space, can even keep your muscles toned and strong.
So, the next time you are feeling an unfamiliar ache or pain, take a moment to listen to your body, breathe, adjust your posture, pull your Powerhouse in and see if the pain subsides. You may want to take Pilates classes to learn where is the correct posture and placement of your body. Even one session with a week with a Pilates Technique Certified can give you the information you need to help your self and give you the power to heal your self.