I wanted to reconnect with you because you both have had such a great impact on my life. I continue to grow and learn as a teacher, as we never stop gaining new knowledge, but I owe my amazing classical foundation to your instruction and guidance. Our program was so special, such an incredible group of woman to learn from and together! Thank you both so much. I always see the updates on Facebook of the new groups going through the program, so exciting!

Feb. 17, 2015
Lauren Barford
Pilates Coordinator,

Equinox Printing House, NY

[From a recent Graduate who just completed her hours.]  I have been teaching a lot, here in Malibu and it’s going great.  The tennis club in malibu, where i was teaching tennis ordered me some equipment , so now i have my little studio there and can teach both, tennis and pilates, in one place. It is wonderful, and I’m all booked and don’t even have a business card yet :-).  I have no time to go into santa monica anymore, so i am focusing on my clients here in Malibu. It’s all been great and I’m super happy. I wanted to thank you (Jill) and Nancy and everyone from the certification. This has been such a great journey, i feel great and now that I am financially much more independent, it has helped me get my life back and get divorced and just move on with my life.  So, thank you again for this wonderful experience and hope to see you again soon. 

Jan. 16, 2015
Tina Steinmetz
Pilates Instructor, Santa Monica

I completed my teacher training in 2005 with Jill Cassady. I had looked around for the right program and was happy to find this one. The program is thorough, always keeping the trainee practicing, observing, studying, and teaching the skills he/she is learning. The labs are a great way to make mistakes, but be corrected with the encouragement and patience of the master and senior instructors. Pilates Technique Certification is the best way to learn the method - it is not a watered down or modified version. As soon as I received my certification I was a gainfully employed Pilates instructor. I enjoy taking private sessions and workshops with Jill, Nancy, and Marie as part of my Pilates continuing education.

Nicole Briggs
Pilates Instructor, Hollywood

I moved to New York only eight months after receiving my Pilates certification from Pilates Technique Certification in Los Angeles. I began teaching full-time immediately upon arrival in NYC and have been extremely grateful for the training that I received from Jill, Nancy and Marie. The training I received was thorough, in-depth and hands on; comparable to and often exceeding the quality of training my peers received in New York City and elsewhere. I can say confidently that Pilates Technique Certification gives you the tools and confidence to teach all kinds of clients anywhere in the world.

Megan Densmore
Actor/Pilates Instructor, New York City

The training program was so comprehensive and the teaching so precise that I learned Pilates better than I've learned most anything in my life. I never really considered becoming a Pilates instructor until I started the program as a way to save money - I figured if I learned the method myself, I wouldn't need an instructor. Through the program, I found I loved teaching Pilates and I will be able to teach for many years to come without any additional training. The time commitment for student teaching, observation, and self-workouts was definitely intense, but it was well worth it. I strengthened my body and developed a skill set that I will have for the rest of my life, whether I'm teaching Pilates or not.

Sabrina Maron
Pilates Instructor, Los Angeles

Pilates Technique Inc is the best program available. You know you are getting a complete and authentic education in classical pilates that will separate you from other teachers.

Sarah Maloney
Pilates Instructor, Burbank

The Pilates Teacher Certification was such a wonderful challenge and personal accomplishment for me. As a working professional, it is quite possible to do this certification simultaneously with a full time job. The course is carefully constructed in such a way that with proper time management, you can do most of the work on your own time and finish the certification in a timely manner. The program is extremely professional, the teachers are very knowledgeable as well as helpful with anything you need, and even though it is a great challenge to get through all the levels, in the end I feel more than prepared to teach classical Pilates to anyone who walks into a studio. Plus, it's very rewarding teaching people the technique. That's probably been the best part of all!

Carrye Gililand Glazer
Pilates Instructor, Santa Monica